BHRG Annual Report For The Year 2021

Introduction to Balochistan Human Rights Group

Balochistan Human Rights Group (BHRG) is a non-partisan, independent human rights non-profit organization that works to fill the gaps in information and knowledge caused by the lack of access to Balochistan. BHRG provides relevant, verified, and up-to-date information about the human rights situation in Balochistan. We use solid research tools, reliable documentation, and effective communication methods to shed light on the situation of human rights activists and victims inside Iran/ Balochistan/West Balochistan and to effect changes in Iran.

Iranian regime pursues intensely the execution of Baloch citizens

The Iranian Regime with the presidency of Ibrahim Raisi has accelerated the execution of Baloch citizens in Balochistan. The authorities of regime in Iran continue to commit widespread and systematic human rights violations against the Baloch nation in Iran, from confiscating forcefully their properties, to chasing them to death and executing them without any trial or through unfair show trials. The Iranian regime continues to use the death penalty as a tool to intimidate and eliminate its dissidents. The present president of the regime, Ibrahim Raisi is responsible for the massacre of political prisoners in 1988 and crimes against humanity. He has defended himself proudly regarding these heinous acts and was rewarded for defending people’s right and security.

According to statistics compiled by the Balochistan Human Rights Group, the Iranian regime has executed 74 Baloch citizens in 2021. The actual number of executions could be much higher as the regime carries out many of such executions secretly and out of the public eye. There is incontestable evidence that many of victims are tortured in order to extract false confessions. As most of Baloch citizens are executed for drug-related offenses, this is an easy excuse for the regime to label the Baloch dissidents as criminals and drug traffickers. There are still many Baloch citizens who are imprisoned in Iranian jails and might be executed under various pretexts therefore, Balochistan Human Rights Group calls on international human rights bodies and European countries to take immediate action to save their lives and include this issue in their agendas before doing any sort of negotiations with the Iranian regime.

Baloch fuel transporters losing their lives to earn a decent living

Fuel transporters are some of the less privileged people living in border areas in Balochistan. Unemployment and poverty have forced the Baloch citizens of these areas to take up dangerous jobs such cross border fuel transporting. Among these one can find people of all ages and walks of life. From children as young as 12 years old to 70 years old, from university students to highly qualified persons. They are constantly subjected to face direct and indiscriminate firings from Iranian securities forces, accidents of their vehicles or catching fire of their cars and losing their lives on the route to find a piece of bread to feed their families and to survive. Incidents such as the overturning of cars chased by security forces have increased drastically as such countless Baloch citizen’s bodies turning to ashes in burning vehicles.

Among these fuel transporters there are even adolescents who oversee providing their families, and so they are forced to turn to such excruciating job which often lead to death and disability for the life.

Considering there have many sorts of plans approvals for the improvement of living conditions of the border settlements and regularization of the fuel transportation by the residents living at border areas in Balochistan, however things have not moved an iota towards the betterment of living conditions of Baloch citizens. As such the situation continues to deteriorate and the Baloch continue to lose their lives for a piece of bread.

According to reports compiled by Balochistan Human Rights Group for 2021, there have been more around 40 deadly incidents involving Baloch fuel transporters which resulted in death of 51 Baloch citizens. Meanwhile 24 persons were arrested and around 6 were wounded severely.

Iranian regime continues to demolish the houses of Baloch people

Since its inception the Iranian Regime has been engaged in demographic manipulations in order to make the Baloch people a minority in their own homeland. Part of its ethnic cleansing policies in Balochistan has been based on facilitating access for Shi’a and non-Baloch people to purchase land cheaply and set up businesses by expelling the Baloch from ancestral settlements.

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